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Math is in no way a science.

Often they will be categorized together... the "math and science" building or forum or what have you. As a mathematicians I find it offensive to be associated with science.

Huge difference.

In terms of college credits, they are not the same thing. Math credits and science credits are distinct when you are getting a degree.

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Q: At universities is maths a science?
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Is maths a science-based subject?

Maths is a science. It's not the typical science people think of, but it is a science. Science is a maths-based subject. You need maths in science but you don't need 'science' in maths. Your question can be interpreted in different ways, but it really depends on what you mean by science or maths and the definition you use.

Do you need math to be a ambulance care assistant?

No but English and science are compulsary. However, most UK universities will only accept you if you have a level C+ in maths, English and science anyway.

Whats more crucial to life math and science or science?

Of cource Its both maths and science as you can't do science without maths.

What is the rationale For maths science at ecd level?

what is the rational of maths science in ECD level

What is the use of maths in science?

In science it is also necessary to use maths as you need to perform certain calculations.

What are the topics they teach in computer science and engineering?

Speaking as a graduate of Engineering and Computer Science: Maths, maths, maths. It's all about maths. Maths is the foundation to everything else that you learn. Beyond that, check out the university's syllabus.

Who told' maths is queen of science and theory of numbers is queen of maths'?

Mr.carl f gauss toldmaths is queen of science and theory of numbers is queen of maths

Can you get science based on maths and science marks?


Is it true that people who are good at math are usually good at science?

Science and maths are of course interrelated. But it is not necessary that a person good at maths are good at science.

Is maths related with science?

Yes mathematics are the tools of science

How is maths related to science answer for kids?

Mathematics is the toolbox of science.

What a-levels do you need to become a doctor?

To become a doctor you need the basic triple sciences which are biology chemistry and physics and maths. You could also have English and one type of language. In universities they look for A to B's in maths and science. In languages and English I would aim for A-C's or D's. Universities also look for an alternative like a PE thing or music. Try and do the best you can with all of these subjects!