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Q: How much a week is taken for taxes 600 dollars a week job?
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15 dollars a hour is how much a week after taxes?

That depends on the percentage of taxes.

How much is 14 dollars a week before taxes?

It depends on the tax rates.

200.000 thousand a year is how much per week?

200,000 a year is 3,846.15 dollars a week before taxes of course.

If you make 7.25 an hour and work 40 hours a week how much is that?

that would be 290 a week but that is before taxes are taken out for it.

How much would you make per week at 17 dollars per hour after taxes?

The amount of money a person makes when making $17.00 an hour, will depend on how many hours a person works. The amount of taxes that are taken out will depend on the state.

How much would you make in Oklahoma for working 30 hr a week with 12 dollars an hour after taxes?

If you are making 12 dollars per hour, and working 30 hours a week, you would make $360 a week. Do you mean that you make 12 dollars an hour after taxes have been applied?

How much is 9 dollars per hour in a week?

If you work an 8 hour day for a week, you would earn $504 - taxes.

How much taxes is taken for 2 dependents making 740.00 per week?

$44.00 is what was just taken out of mine! This equates to 6%.

How much does a software developer make money in a week?

Roughly 900-1,200 net (after taxes taken out)

How much do you get taxed on 260 per week?

The amount of your taxes depends on the amount of exemptions that you claim. You will lose an average of around 40 dollars a week.

How much federal taxes will you pay on making six hundred dollars per week claiming one deduction?


If you make 11 dollars an hour how much do you make a year if you work 40 hours a week?

$22,880 Gross (Before taxes)