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Q: If you're 18 what grade are you in?
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What Is Decimal Of 18 percent?

18%=.18 if that's what youre asking

If youre in a sport in high school is that grade included in your GPA?

No it does not!!

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You can get an "A" if youre in grades kindergarten-third grade.

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If youre looking for hobby grade, but if you're looking for toy grade, then I dont think you can.

Is it against the law if youre 15 and youre talking to an 18 year old as friends youre not threatening them youre not dating them and youre not being sexual with them you are just talking?

No, of course not. Unless there is some specific legal bar to communications, you can talk to anyone you choose.

Is it ok to date a 7th grader if youre in 8th grade?

your chose It's abosolutly fine.

How many kilobytes in Skyrim?

about 17. mabye 18. If youre lucky.

How can you get this girl to like you if one of her friends doesnt like you and youre in 8th grade and you are both unpopular?


If youre under 18 how do you get apps on your itouch?

You have to jailbreak it and then download a cracked version of it.

Can you get a tattoo under age of 18 even though youre married?

afraid not

What grade would my grade be if I have 11 out of 18 correct?

61.1% = B