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Total ages at present = 42 Total ages in 10 years = 52 Fractions then 15/26 x 52 and 11/26 x 52, ie 30 and 22 so ages now 25 and 17

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Q: The sum of present ages of a and b is 42 years the ratio of their ages after 5 years will be 15 is to 11 then what is the present age of b?
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The ratio of the present ages of Sameet and meenakshi is 4 is to 5 Six years hence the ratio of their ages will be 14 is to 17 What will be the ratio of their ages 12 years hence?

S= present age of sameet M = present age of meeakshi] Currently: (S/M)=(4/5) Therefore: S*5= M*4 In 6 years: (S+6)/(M+6) = (14/17) S*17 + 18 = M*14 Solving for S: plug in M=S*(5/4) S*17 + 18 = S*(5/4)*14 = (S*35/2) 18 = S*(1/2) S=36 and therefore M = 45 In 12 years(after the current 6): they will be 54 and 63 respectively. So the ratio of their ages will be 18 to 21

The ages of two brothers are in the ratio 3 is to 4 but after six years the ratio of their ages will be 5 is to 6 find their present age?

It is quite simple... Let the present age of the younger brother be x And, present age of elder brother be y x/y=3/4 eqn1 (x+6)/(y+6)=5/6 eqn 2 Solve these equations simultaniously and u'll get the answer. x=3y/4 6x+36=5y+30 18y/4+36=5y+30 18y/4=5y-6 18y=20y-24 -2y=-24 y=12 years , that is the present age of elder brthr x=3(12)/4=9 years , that is the present age of the younger brthr Usama,

Fathers age is three years more than 3 times of son's age after three years fathers age will be 10 years morethan the twice of son's age What are their present ages?

son is 10, father is 33

The present age difference between the father and son is 26 years before 6 yrs fathers age was twice the age of the sons age and sons age was half the fathers age what are the present ages?

6 years ago, they were 26 and 52.Now they're 32 and 58.

The sum of Sally and Beth's age is 60. Six years ago Sally was 3 times as old as Beth. What are their present ages Beth and age is 15 years and Sally and age is 45 years. Beth and age is 1?


The sum of the ages of Joe and Jim is 29 Two years from now Joe will be twice Jim's age What is Joes present age?

Joe is 20.

How do i figure Child dependency ratio?

It is usually calculated as the number of children (aged under 15 years) as a ratio of people of working age (ages 15 to 64). This ratio is currently in a state of flux because the pension age is being raised in many countries so that the denominator of the ratio covers a bigger age range.

When the son will be as old as father is todayTheir ages will add up to 126 yearsIf the present age of father is 52 yearsFind the present age of sun?

Is this a trick question? The age is the sun is approx 4.6 billion years!

John is twice as old as his son In 42 years the ratio of their ages will be 4.3 what is the son's current age?

42/4 = 10.510.5*3=31.5

What part of speech is the word ages?

Age can be a noun, for it is a thing.Everyone has an age.Sixteen is the age of consent in some states.Age is also a verb:Four years as president seemed to age Lincoln by 20 years.Whiskey is improved by aging it in oak barrels for several years.

A fathers age is 30 times older than his son however after 18 years he will only be thrice as old as sonfind the present age of fathers?

a father is 30 years older than his 12 years,the men will be three times as old as his son.find their present ages.

Is the category of ages nominal or ordinal data?

Neither, age is at a ratio level of measurement.