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the word equivalent means equal to the certain


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Q: What does the word equivalent equation mean in math?
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What does the word domain mean in math?

Domain is the independent variable in an equation. It is what you put "in" the equation to get the Range.

What is a 9 letter math word?

The word is algebraic. It is a type of math equation.

What does the word equivalent mean?

IT MEANS THE SAME AS LIKE 12/30 IS EQUIVALENT TO 24/60. This word is used in math alot

What does the word substitute mean in math?

It means to replace something, with something else that is equivalent.

What are some math word that start with e?


Is there a math word that begins with q?

"Quadratic Equation"

Which word is used to name the bold number in math?

There is not a specific word that is used to bold a number in a math equation. Generally, a number or letter is not bold in a math equation, if a letter is of significance, it is normally capitalized.

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does the word minimum mean in math?

The word minimum means that for instance if you had an equation like this,the minimum deposit for a new checking account is $75 that means that it can be $75 dollars or more.

What does the word inequalities for math mean?

an inequality is a equation simalr to a normal one but the to equations are not = they use they signs < > = sin with a line trough it and < > signs with underlines

What does the word root mean in maths?

In mathematics, the term "root" refers to the solution(s) of an equation. Specifically, the roots of an equation are the values that make the equation true when substituted for the variable. The number of roots depends on the degree of the equation.

How do you use the word stymie in a sentence?

I was stymied by the math equation.