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3.99=3 and 99/100


3.9999999=3 and 9,999,999/10,000,000=39,999,999/10,000,000

3.9999999...(with the 9s repeating forever--indicated by a bar over them)=4

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Q: What is the fractional representation of 3.9999999...?
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What is the best fractional representation of pi?

3 7/50

How do you write seventeen hundredths as a fraction?

17/100 is the fractional representation of seventeen hundredths.

What is 43 as a fraction and decimal?

43 is an integer and has the fractional representation 43/1. It is a decimal number.

What is 44 as a decimal and as a fraction in simplest form?

44 is an integer. Its decimal representation is 44, exactly as in the question. It does not really have a fractional representation but you could go for 44/1.

Classify the number 1.43?

It is a rational number, with a terminating decimal representation. It is not a whole number but comprises a fractional part.

How do you find a decimal reciprocal of 11?

The fractional reciprocal of 11 is 1/11. The decimal representation of this is 0.09 recurring (that is, 0.090909...)

What is 2365 as a fraction?

The simplest way of expressing a whole number as a fraction is to divide by 1. Thus, 2365/1 is a fractional representation of 2365.

What is 12.5mm in fraction?

It is 12.5 mm. A fractional representation does not imply a change in the measurement units. If this is required then you need to specify the units into which the quantity is to be converted.

Is there an abbreviation for half?

No, the word is short enough anyway. But can sometimes get away with using the fractional or decimal representation of a half, 1/2 or 0.5 respectively.

What is traded in stock market?

Because Stock Certificates are a representation of fractional ownership in a company, trades in the stock market represent buying and selling pieces of businesses.

What is the fraction of one gallon?

The fractional representation of 1 gallon is 1 gallon. If you want it as a decimal fraction of some other quantity then you need to specify that second quantity.

What is difference between fractional and rational numbers?

All rational numbers are fractional but all fractional numbers are not rational. For example, pi/2 is fractional but not rational.