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Majors with a lot of math:

Physics, Chemistry, Computer programming, Accounting, Math, Engineering and Architecture.

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Q: What university programs have a lot of math in them?
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What university programs have a lot of math but not much computer programming in them?

Accounting, Engineering(except computer engineering, software engineering and electrical engineering), Physics, Chemistry, etc

Why do all engineering programs in university require math?

They all use math because mathis in our everyday lives and in engineering programs you need to calculate different equations

What university programs can you do if you love math but hate computer programming and writing papers?

Engineering Accounting

Where can I get an online math degree?

I would like to say that For students who want to pursue master's degrees, the University of Idaho has an online masters program in teaching mathematics, as does Montana State University and Lesley University. Texas A&M University provides an online master's degree in mathematics that also has a teaching option. Walden University offers three different masters programs in math teaching. One is for teaching math and reading to elementary school students. The other two programs are for teaching math in grades K-5 or for grades 6-8. Finally, Nova Southeastern University has a master's program for teaching math to elementary aged students

Are there any college level math educational software programs available for the Mac?

There are a lot of softwere programs like ChaosLab that ofers math package that helps students understand fractal geometry and chaos theory. It is designed for high school and college math courses.

Can understanding and enjoying math lead to doing well in science engineering and computer programs in college and university?

Yes, definitely.

What college basketball programs are sponsored by Under Armour?

Under Armour is the official outfitter for the football programs at Auburn University, University of Delaware, University of Hawaiʻi, University of Maryland, University of North Texas, University of South Carolina,University of South Florida, Southern Illinois University, Texas Tech University, University of New Hampshire, and University of Utah.

What degree programs do they offer at the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign?

There are a lot! This site should answer your question.

Why is need math in CS?

Math is needed in computer science/programming because writing programs, in many cases, requires you to understand math equations, in order for your programs to do things. Having knowledge in math also means that you can be logical, which is a must for a computer programmer. Some simple programs may or may not need math knowledge, but if you want to make some sort of banking program that can handle interest, you need to know the equations for how to do compound interest. Game programming also requires a lot of math, as you need to understand physics (for 3d games, anyways), etc.

Which universities offer actuarial science in the US?

I don't know of actuarial work being a major. However, I would think that most math programs (at least at my university) would have a math major path that would help/prepare a person for things like actuarial work. There are a bunch of paths in math though so you probably want to look into it more, but definitely look under the math program at your university.

What are the top universities for photography?

There are a lot of really exceptional photography programs out there. Some top colleges are the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Washington University in St. Louis, Missorui.

What educational programs does UCL offer?

University College of London is a highly selective university that offers many educational programs. They have a top rated medical and law program. They also offers courses in arts and humanities, engineering, life sciences, math and physical science, social and historical science, and architecture.