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Accounting, Engineering(except computer engineering, software engineering and electrical engineering), Physics, Chemistry, etc

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Q: What university programs have a lot of math but not much computer programming in them?
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What is the role of mathematics in computer programming?

You need to to know some basic math to live. right? Likewise you need to know some basic math to start computer programming....beginners start out by learning to do programs like solving a quadratic equation....if you are not thorough with algebra, u can't do it. The way you think is more important.....rather than being good in math, computer programmers are required to think the way math people think - vey very very logically.

Does being good at math but bad at computer programming mean you are bad at science?


What are the differences between C programming and fortran?

PROGRAMMING is a process of developing computer program.While FOTRAN means formula translation which translate math formula into code in high level programming language.

What are the differences between mathematics and computer programming?

Mathematics can be used in coding (computer programming). I have done programming before and it is nothing like mathematics. Although coding languages can be used to solve mathematical equations, the makeup of it is not just math. It is based on math but is not completely reliant on it. For example, <DOCTYPE html> That is HTML coding *what makes up websites*. The amount of math used depends on the coding language. In application programming, there is more math used like: myFloat = 1.23 switchOn = True myFloat * jumpForce = myHeight That used more math in it. It depends on the language of coding. You're welcome. :D

Does a computer programmer use math?

Yes. A computer programmer will at least use simple arithmetic. Most computer science degrees require a year of calculus, though I must admit that the most useful math classes I've taken were discrete mathematics. Math that deals with sequences, series, and sets tends to be the most common and useful (in my experience). Of course it all depends on what specific field of programming you will be in. If you will be doing a lot of network programming, then graph theory will probably be part of your everyday programming. Graphics programmers will need to know a good bit of geometry and trigonometry.

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What university programs have a lot of math in them?

Majors with a lot of math: Physics, Chemistry, Computer programming, Accounting, Math, Engineering and Architecture.

What university programs can you do if you love math but hate computer programming and writing papers?

Engineering Accounting

In what way is math used in computer programming?

in what way is math used in computer programming

What university programs can a student do if he or she is good at math?

Any science program, computer programming, accounting and I'm sure there are many others I'm not thinking of off the top of my head.

What university programs can a student do if he or she is good at math but not computer programming?

Math alone as a major, Physics or Chemistry could be good choices. Many times the first year is rather generic and you can see what you may like and ask others what they think.

What university programs are the most math intensive and the least computer programming intensive?

Accounting Engineering disciplines like mechanical, civil, chemical, industrial, hardware, building, etc Physics Chemistry Economics

Why is need math in CS?

Math is needed in computer science/programming because writing programs, in many cases, requires you to understand math equations, in order for your programs to do things. Having knowledge in math also means that you can be logical, which is a must for a computer programmer. Some simple programs may or may not need math knowledge, but if you want to make some sort of banking program that can handle interest, you need to know the equations for how to do compound interest. Game programming also requires a lot of math, as you need to understand physics (for 3d games, anyways), etc.

Can understanding and enjoying math lead to doing well in science engineering and computer programs in college and university?

Yes, definitely.

What courses should take to be a computer programmer?

Lots of programming and math. Pick a reputable CS university program and check out their course requirements.

Is math involve in computer programming?


What college courses should you take by being a convicted felon?

Consider:Your local community college:Lots of programs to choose fromGet help strengthening your reading, writing, and math skillsSkills you will be required to possess at the university level________________________________________________The best state university degree programs for felons:Finance $$$$Accounting $$$Computer Programming, etc. $$$Social Science Programs $$Read Plato's Allegory of the Cave, FIRST.

Do I need to be really good a math to figure out computer programming?

It helps to have a basic math education. Most programming does not require using math at all. The calculations a lot of the time built into the programming code and is done for you

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