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3/0 or250 aluminum

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#6 copper or #4 aluminum

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3/0 thhn

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Q: What Wire size for 225 amp commercial panel?
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What size wire to run 225' underground?

Depends on the load it will carry which you failed to list.

What size aluminum wire on 225 amp?

300 kcmil @ 75°

What size feeders for two 225 amp panelboards?

Use AWG #1 copper service entrance wire and #4 copper ground wire.

Is 60 amp breaker good for 225 stick welder?

The 225 amps is the secondary output amperage. Look on the machines nameplate to find the input amperage. It is that amperage that is needed to size the feed wire and there the breaker size. When you find that amperage you may want to re question the breaker size.

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What size wire do you need for a 200 Amp 240 Volt 3 phase 4 wire service on a nonresidential building?

A 3/0 copper conductor with an insulation rating of 90 degrees C is rated at 225 amps.

How many amps are available in a three phase 225 amp panel?

In a three phase 225 amp panel, there would be a total of 225 amps available for each phase, making it a total of 675 amps for all three phases combined. This means that you could have up to 225 amps of current flowing through each phase simultaneously.

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NO, rim size is incorrect.

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