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You do not have to calculate the wire diameter, the manufacturer of the wire determines what the diameter is going to be for the specific size and current carrying capacity.

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Q: How do you calculate the electrical cable dia?
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How do you calculate the diameter of a wire?

calculate the dia of strain. calculate no. of strain. now dia of wire=no. of strain*dia of strain calculate the dia of strain. calculate no. of strain. now dia of wire=no. of strain*dia of strain

How do you calculate the cable size for required load?

Article 310.16 of the national electrical code

How do you calculate to find cable size?

Electricians use the tables in the electrical code book.

How can calculate cable size in electrical distribution system?

The National Electric Code provides such information.

How can we calculate cable size for 800A breaker?

These cable sizes can be calculated by going to the table, Allowable ampacities for not more that 3 copper conductors in a raceway or cable, in an electrical code book.

How do we calculate the cable size for electrical installations?

Cable sizes for electrical installations are determined by the load current. The load current is obtained from the manufactures nameplate that is on the device to be connected. The electrical code book states what the amp capacity (ampacity) for specific wire sizes will be.

Difference between 3.5 core 4 core cable?

in 4 core cable all four cables are equal dia and in a 3.5 core cable 3 cores are equal dia and fourth one will be with half dia. and it is used for neutral in 3phase 4 wire syastem

What should be the distance between controle cabledatatransmition cable and electrical cable?

what should be the distance between instrument cable and electrical cable

How do you calculate unit weight of 16mm dia tor steel?

16mm dia weight for running feet

What country manufacters electrical cable?

Most industrialised countries manufacture electrical cable.

Why the electrical cable contract during cold weather?

the electrical cable become tight

How do you calculate hoop stress?

Calculate the hoop stress in a pressure vessel which is 6m in dia. It is unusual.

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