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The volume of a right circular cylinder is pi r2 h. The volume displaced by the 20mm piston is pi 102 200, or 62831.8. The volume displaced by the 100mm piston must be the same, so solve for h in pi 502 h = 62831.8, or h = 8mm.

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Q: If the cylinder of 20mm diameter is depressed 200mm how far will the slave cylinder of 100mm diameter move?
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Find the volume of cylinder having top dia 100mm and bottom dia 200mm with height 200mm?

The volume is 3500000/3 π mm3 ~=3665191 mm3 (~= 3.67 litres). A cylinder normally has a constant cross section. What you have is a cone with the top chopped off, thus its volume is the volume of the whole cone minus the volume of the top cone: The diameter reduces from 200mm to 100mm (that is 100mm) in 200mm height so it will reduce from 100mm to 0mm (that is a further 100mm) in a further 200mm height. So the "whole" cone has a height of 200mm+200mm = 400mm and the "top" cone has a height of 200mm. The volume of a cone is 1/3πr2h, so the volume of the "cylinder" is: volume = volume_whole_cone - volume_top_cone = 1/3π(200 ÷ 2)2400 mm3 - 1/3π(100 ÷ 2)2200 mm3 = 200/3π(1002x2 - 502) mm3 = 3500000/3 π mm3 ~= 3665191 mm3 ~= 3665 cm3 = 3.665 litres.

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How do you find the volume of a Cylinder tube Hollow when the diameter is 450mm Thickness is 25mm and the Length is 6.5 M meters?

The volume of a cylinder (V) = πr2h, where π=pi, r=radius of the base, and h=height.Assuming the cylinder has an OUTSIDE diameter of 450mm, the INSIDE diameter is 400mm and the radius (r) is 200mm, or 0.2m. Plug in the values of your cylinder:V= 3.1415927 * 0.2m * 0.2m * 6.5m = 0.816814m3, or about816.81 Liters

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