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cable sie for DC = (current x loop length x 0.019)/ voltage drop

where 0.019 is conductivity of copper cable

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Q: What is formula for calculate size of cable?
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What are formula to calculate cable size and voltage drop?

The formula to calculate cable size and voltage drop is Vdrop = current x distance times 2 times Ohms per 1000ft times 0.001.

How do you calculate cable gland size?

4cx95mm aws which size of cable gland

Calculate the size of cable according to current?

Yes, you calculate the size of cable (wire) according to current of the connected load.

How do you calculate earth busbar size?

how can i calculate copper cable to bus bar size e.g: 300mm2 cu/pvc/pvc cable, change in to bus bar size

What is the type and size of cable gland or 2 core cable?

To answer this question the size of the cable or the amperage of the load is needed to calculate the correct wire size and connectors to fit the cable.

How do you calculate the cable size for a run of 30 meters?

to calculate the cable size of a run of 30 meters long you first will have to know the current of the appliance use the voltage drop formula V d = (mVxIxL)/1000 once the voltage drop is less than 2.5% of the nominal voltage, the cable should be upsize.

What is the formula to calculate Conduction current in a coaxial cable?


How calculate the cable size when give current?

The NEC has a table that shows what size cable to use with each amperage and where it can be used.

Formula for working out cable size?

There is actually no specific formula used to work out cable size. In order to determine the type of cable you need and the size you need, you need to know the source of the supply, the voltage of the system, the ambient temperature, and the method you plan on laying out the cable.

What is the Formula to know about of dc cable size in mm?

how to know dc cable sizes

How do you calculate cable size for 10 kw load?

#6 wire

Low voltage cable size calculation formula?

sir please provided the all low voltage cable size and attached formulas

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