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Usually, we make a distinction between a population and a sample. The population is the entire set of values or attributes of interest while the sample is a subset of the population.

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Q: What is the difference between population and statistical population?
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What is the difference between the sample of the population and the average of the population?

A sample of a population is a subset of the population. The average of the population is a statistical measure for some variable of the population.

What statistical concept is used to explain the natural difference that exists between a sample mean and corresponding population mean?

Random error.

What is the difference between the bracketing method and statistical value?

on is bracketing method and the other is statistical value

What is the difference between practical generalizability and statistical generalizability?

Statistical: must have random sampling, allows you to generalize to the population from which you randomly selected. Practical: do the results hold for similar individuals? allows you to generalize to similar individuals

Statistical process control?

Explain the difference between capability and control.

What is the difference between heterogeneity and homogeneity in statistics?

Homogeneity means that the statistical properties of the variable which is being studied remain the same across the population. Heterogeneity means that they do not: it could be that the mean changes between different subsets of the population or the variance does.

Is there a statistical test to assess the difference between two ratios. I have numbers which are ratios and want to test whether there is a statistical difference between them?

You can use the z test for two proportions. The link below will do this test for you.

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What is Northeastern Statistical Region's population?

Northeastern Statistical Region's population is 172,787.

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