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both shapes have circle face

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Q: A cylinder and a sphere are alike because?
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How a sphere and a cylinder alike?

they're both circurlar

How are cone and cylinder and sphere alike?

a cylinder is like a soup can. and a cone is like a party hat.

A cylinder and a sphere are different?

Yes, because a cylinder has lines and a sphere is round. Yes a cylinder has a circle but it does has lines also. But a circle has no vertexes. And a cylinder has a vertexes.

How are cube and cylinder alike?

They are alike because they are both 3-D shapes

How is rectangular prism and cylinder alike?

they are alike because they both have 2 bases

What are two ways a cylinder and sphere alike?

They are both round. They are both 3d. The 2d counterpart of both shapes is the circle.

How are cylinder and a cone not alike?

because on the top their circles

Why are there two different formulas for calculating a cylinder and a sphere?

A sphere and a cylinder are different shapes. A sphere is like a ball, and a cylinder is like a can.

Are a cone and a cylinder alike or not alike?

Not alike

How are shapes like cube sphere cone are alike?

It is because they all are 3D shapes

What is the difference between a sphere and cylinder?

A sphere has 0 vortex and a cylinder has 2 faces

What was Archimedes discovery about sphere and cylinder?

He discovered the relationship between a sphere and a circumscribed cylinder of the same height and diameter. The volume is 4⁄3πr3 for the sphere, and 2πr3 for the cylinder. The surface area is 4πr2 for the sphere, and 6πr2 for the cylinder (including its two bases), where r is the radius of the sphere and cylinder. The sphere has a volume and surface area two-thirds that of the cylinder. A sculpted sphere and cylinder were placed on the tomb of Archimedes at his request.

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