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a cylinder is like a soup can. and a cone is like a party hat.

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Q: How are cone and cylinder and sphere alike?
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Does a cone a cylinder and a sphere have any vertices?

The cone has one. Neither the cylinder nor the sphere has any.

Are a cone and a cylinder alike or not alike?

Not alike

What is relationship between cone and sphere?

Actually seeing the relationship between the volumes of a cone (one-third of a cylinder) and a sphere (two-thirds of a cylinder) is hard to beat. The cylinder is 1/3 the volume of the cone

Describe how a cylinder and a cone are alike?

A cylinder can be considered a cone whose apex has moved to infinity.

What shape does not belong out of cone sphere cylinder square pyramid?


What is a round 3d object?

cylinder, cone or a sphere

Which 3 figures have no vertices?

a cylinder, a sphere, and a cone

What are the solids with curved serfaces?

Sphere, cylinder and cone

Which solids have a curved surface?

A Sphere, a cylinder and a cone.

How are cylinder and a cone not alike?

because on the top their circles

How a sphere and a cylinder alike?

they're both circurlar

Which 3 figures have curved surfaces?

How about a cylinder, a cone and a sphere