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Yes, providing it is the same circle.

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Q: All diameters in a circle are the same length?
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All the diameters of the same circle have the same length?


Why are all the diameters of a circle the same length?

They are not all the same length. If that was the case all circles would be the same size.

How many diameters ar in a circle?

There are an infinite number - all of the same length.

Can you have two diameters in a circle?

Any chord that goes through the center of the circle is a diameter.You can draw an infinite number of diameters in any circle.In one circle, all of the diameters have the same length.

How many diameters can be drawn for any circle?

There are infinite diameters in a circle all of the same lengths.

Is all radii half the length of all diameters of a particular circle?

Yes, they all are.

Are there countless diameters in a circle?

Yes but they are all the same size

Are All diameters chords in a circle?

A diameter is a cord in a circle containing the center of the circle. But some circles are sections of spheres. Not all diameters are diameters of spheres.

How is a diameter worked out?

A circle has an infinite number if diameters, but they are all the same length. The length of the diameter of a circle is the length of the longest straight line that can be drawn completely inside the circle. If the center of the circle is marked, then it's easy to draw a line that is a diameter ... it's any line that passes through the center of the circle.

How can you find minimum and maximum diameters?

-- Every circle has a diameter of some size. -- All of the diameters that you can draw in the same circle are the same size. -- The smaller the circle is, the smaller its diameter is. There's no minimum size. -- The larger the circle is, the larger its diameter is. There's no maximum size.

Are all diameters chords of a circle?


Where is the diameter on a circle?

Any straight line that starts on the circle, ends on the circle, and goes through the center, is a diameter. There's no limit to the number of different diameters you can draw, all in the same circle, but they're all the same length. It's the longest possible straight line that you can draw inside the circle. It's the distance 'across' anything shaped like a circle.

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