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Q: An arrangement of two demensional figures that can be folded to form a polyhedron?
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What two demensional pattern can be folded into a three demensional polyhedron?


What is a net in maths?

A net is an arrangement of polygons, joined edge-to-edge, that when folded up, form the surface of a polyhedron.

2D pattern folded to form a polyhedron?

Can be. It would be the net of the polyhedron.

A what is a two-dimentional pattern that can be folded into a folded three-dimentional polyhedron?

i don't know the answer i just want to find it

What are the figures that match exactly when folded in half have?

Line Symetry

What is an arrangement of attached polygons that can be folded into a three dimensional shape called?

it is called a net

What is a pattern of plane figures folded to make a geometric model called?

A net.

What are two examples of a 3 dimensional figure that's not a polyhedron?

Any wire structure that is not flat. A piece of paper folded so it is not flat. If you don't like that, try a cylinder or a sphere or ellipsoid, or a brick with a rounded end, or any polyhedron where 1 or 2 faces are spherical bulges or are missing etc.

What term is used to describe the arrangement of different polypeptide chains in a protein?

The term used to describe the arrangement of different polypeptide chains in a protein is "quaternary structure." This structure refers to the spatial arrangement of multiple folded protein subunits held together by non-covalent interactions, forming a functional protein complex.

What is the net for a shape?

the net of a shape is how many sides of a shapeThe net of a solid shape is a flat arrangement of its faces faces which can be folded together to make the solid shape. See related links, below.

Are postcards folded?

they r folded but not by the person who sends the note. they r folded by the post services.

This figure shows a pattern for a cardboard box before it has been cut and folded Find the surface area if x is 2.5 inches?

This site doesn't show figures, so nobody can understand your question.