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i don't know the answer i just want to find it

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Q: A what is a two-dimentional pattern that can be folded into a folded three-dimentional polyhedron?
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2D pattern folded to form a polyhedron?

Can be. It would be the net of the polyhedron.

What two demensional pattern can be folded into a three demensional polyhedron?


An arrangement of two demensional figures that can be folded to form a polyhedron?


What is a net in maths?

A net is an arrangement of polygons, joined edge-to-edge, that when folded up, form the surface of a polyhedron.

Can steel be folded?

Yes, steel can be folded. This is a common practice in the production of "damascus" or pattern welded steel.

What are two examples of a 3 dimensional figure that's not a polyhedron?

Any wire structure that is not flat. A piece of paper folded so it is not flat. If you don't like that, try a cylinder or a sphere or ellipsoid, or a brick with a rounded end, or any polyhedron where 1 or 2 faces are spherical bulges or are missing etc.

What is the name of a 2 dimensional pattern that you make from a 3 dimensional product when it is folded?

A projection. A net is the other way around: a 2-d pattern that can be folded into a 3-d shape.

What is the two dimensional pattern that can be folded into a three dimensional object?

A two-dimensional shape that can be folded into a three-dimensional figure is often called a net.

What is a pattern of plane figures folded to make a geometric model called?

A net.

A is a two dimensional pattern that forms a solid when it is folded?

I don't know but you have bad grammer * * * * * It is a net.

Do you put fabric face up or face down to cut it for a dress pattern?

Generally, fabric is used as purchased, folded in half with finished sides (selvages) together, and wrong side inward.

What type of drainage pattern would you expect to find developing on rocks that have been folded and exposed by differential erosion over time?

a trellis drainage pattern