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no because one rectangle may be 3x4 which the perimeter is 14 and one rectangle may be 5x2 which as well equals 14

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Q: Are two rectangles with the same perimeter always congruent to each other?
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If two rectangles have the same area do they also have to have the same perimeter?

Not necessarily. Let's say that there is a circle with the area of 10. Now there is a star with the area of 10. They do not have the same perimeter, do they? That still applies with rectangles. There might be a very long skinny rectangle and a square next to each other with the same area, but that does not mean that they have the same perimeter. Now if the rectangles are congruent then yes.

Is it possible for two rectangles to have the same perimeter and area?

Only if they are congruent. One of them could be the a rotation of the other - eg 4m x 6m and 6m x 4m.

Do congruent shapers always have the same perimeter?

Yes. If two figures are congruent, then you literally can't tell one from the other.Anything that's true of one is also true of the other.

What is A figure that has two congruent polygons as bases and all other faces are rectangles?

that would be a prism

Can two similar octagons sometimes have the same perimeter?

Not normally but yes when they are congruent to each other.

Can rectangles with the same perimeter have different areas?

Yes. Say there are two rectangles, both with perimeter of 20. One of the rectangles is a 2 by 8 rectangle. The area of this rectangle is 2 x 8 which is 16. The other rectangle is a 4 by 6 rectangle. It has an area of 4 x 6 which is 24.

What is a cuboid shape?

It is a three dimensional shape whose faces are rectangles. There are three pairs of congruent parallel rectangles opposite each other. A smooth brick or box are good examples.

Do similar triangles always have congruent angles?

Yes, in similar triangles, the angles are always congruent, and the sides have the same proportions to each other.

Is an isosceles triangle always never or sometimes congruent?

"Congruent" means "same shape and size as the other one". So one thing all by itself is never congruent. It needs something else to be congruent with. An isosceles triangle is never congruent to a scalene triangle, sometimes congruent to any other kind of triangle, and always congruent to another isosceles triangle that's congruent to the first one.

Why diagonals are not lines of symmetry in rectangles?

Because Symmetry means that both sides of the line are congruent and each side is reflecting the other one

What is a polyhedron with two parallel congruent bases and all other faces being parallelograms?

It is a skew prism. If the parallelograms are rectangles then it is a right prism.

Is a trapezoid always congruent?

Not always because its 4 sides can have different dimensions to other trapezoids

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