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The value of tan A is not clear from the question.

However, sin A = sqrt[tan^2 A /(tan^2 A + 1)]

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Q: By using trigonometric identities find the value of sin A if tan A a half?
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Where can one find a list of trigonometric identities?

Trigonometric identities involve certain functions of one or more angles. These identities are useful whenever expressions involving trigonometric functions need to be simplified.

How do you find trigonometric ratios without a calculator?

There are a few ways. First, there are a multitude of trigonometric tables which list the sines and cosines of a variety of values. if you now one trigonometric value of a number, you can find all the others by hand, and you can also use a Taylor series approximation to find a fairly accurate value. (In fact, many calculators use Taylor series to find trigonometric values.)

Identities to find the exact value of sin 75?

what is the value of sin 75 degree

Find value of trigonometric functions of quadrantal angle?

sin 0=13/85

Are trigonometric equations and trigonometric identities are the same thing?

In a trigonometric equation, you can work to find a solution set which satisfy the given equation, so that you can move terms from one side to another in order to achieve it (or as we say we operate the same things to both sides). But in a trigonometric identity, you only can manipulate separately each side, until you can get or not the same thing to both sides, that is to conclude if the given identity is true or false.

Can you find the slope of a horizontal line?

yes we can calculate it by using trigonometric equation (by finding tan θ).

How can you use inverse trigonometric functions?

You can use them to find the sides and angles of a right triangle... just like regular trigonometric functions

Where can you find help with trigonometric functions?

I would recommend a MATH BOOK.

Uses of six trigonometry functions?

The trigonometric functions give ratios defined by an angle. Whenever you have an angle and a side in right triangle, you can find all the other angles and sides using the six trigonometric functions and their inverses. The link below demonstrates the relationship between functions.

What is tan on a scientific calculator?

It is a trigonometric equation for a right triangle, to find a non-right-angle angle. Using SOHCAHTOA, it is the opposite side divided by the adjacent angle

How do you find theta for right triangle?

You can use your trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent).

By using trigonometric identities find the value of sin A if tan A equals a half?

If tan A = 1/2, then sin A = ? We use the Pythagorean identity 1 + cot2 A = csc2 A to find csc A, and then the reciprocal identity sin A = 1/csc A to find sin A. tan A = 1/2 (since tan A is positive, A is in the first or the third quadrant) cot A = 1/tan A = 1/(1/2) = 2 1 + cot2 A = csc2 A 1 + (2)2 = csc2 A 5 = csc2 A √5 = csc A (when A is in the first quadrant) 1/√5 = sin A √5/5 = sin A If A is in the third quadrant, then sin A = -√5/5.

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