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Yes. A regular tessellation can be created from either an equilateral triangle, a square, or a hexagon.

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Q: Can a regular hexagon be tessellated?
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Can a hexagon be tessellated?

A regular hexagon and some irregular ones will tessellate, But in general they will not.

What geometric shap is found in a honeycomb?

The honeycomb cells are in the form of a tessellated regular hexagon (six equal sides).

What regular polygons can be tessellated?

In a normal plane, only regular polygons with interior angles that are a factor of 360o can be tessellated. This means only three shapes: the regular (equilateral) triangle, the regular quadrilateral (square) and the regular hexagon. If the line were considered a regular polygon (with only two sides) then it would also be included in this list.

Can a regular pentagon be tessellated?


Can a regular pentagon be tessellated in combination with a regular heptagon?


Can a hexagon tesselate?

Yes. Tessellated hexagons are the basis of many natural structures such as honeycombs.

Can a regular decagon be tessellated?

no it can not i have research it thoroughly i could not find any pictures of a regular decagon tessellated. i did but they all had different shapes so the answer is no it is not logically possible

Can an octagon be tessellated?

A regular octagon will not tessellate but an irregular one can.

Hexagon regular or irrgular?

If the hexagon's sides and angles are congruent, then it a regular hexagon.

Is a hexagon a regular polygon or not a regular polygon?

A 6 sided hexagon polygon can be regular or irregular.

How many diagonals are in a regular hexagon?

There are 9 diagonals in any hexagon!The hexagon does not have to be regular.

Does a regular hexagon tesselate?

Yes, a regular hexagon does tessellate.

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