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The sides of a triangle are its lengths are cannot be negative.

However, you could place a triangle on coordinate system and some points

where the vertices are could be negative numbers.

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2011-10-09 15:51:21
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Q: Can a triangle have a negative side?
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The triangle in a diode symbol points in the direction of?

it points in the direction of flowing current due to majority carriers... that is from positive side to negative side

How do you find the right bisector of a triangle?

For triangle ABC, find the midpoint of side BC. Then, find the slope of side BC and use its negative reciprocal (since the negative reciprocal slope is the slope of the right bisector joining side BC and the opposite vertex). Finally, substitute the midpoint and negative reciprocal slope into the y=mx+b equation to get "b", then write the equation. :)

What is the name for the side of a right triangle that is across the triangle from the right triangle?

This side is called the hypotenuse.

Can triangle abc be a right triangle if side ac2 side bc3 and side ab4?


Non adjacent side of a triangle?

The side that is not adjacent to another side of a triangle is called the opposite side.

What is the side on a triangle?

A side on a triangle is a line that connects two of the apexes.

What is the side of the triangle next to the angle?

The side of the triangle next to the angle is called the adjacent side.

What is the side opposite the right angle triangle in a right angled triangle?

The side opposite the right angle of a triangle is the hypotenuse which is the longest side

Is the circumcenter of a triangle is always on the side of a triangle?

No, it is not.

Perpendicular bisector of a triangle?

Is a line that bisects a side of a triangle and is perpendicular to that side.

What is the longest side of triangle called?

The longest side of a triangle is called the Hypotenuse.

What is the side c of the triangle?

Side c of a triangle is opposite angle C

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