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A composite figure is a figure that is made up of several smaller geometric figures like triangles, circles, or rectangles.

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Q: Composite figures of right triangles in trigonometry?
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How is trigonometry applied?

Trigonometry is applied in construction and building, as trigonometry measures right angled triangles.

What are the different application of trigonometry?

Trigonometry is used to find the properties of triangles and Pythagoras' theorem is used to find the lengths and angles of right angle triangles.

Can trigonometry be applied only in right angled triangles?

No. It can be used on any triangle.

What are three situations in which right triangles are used?

Pythagoras' theorem Trigonometry Pythagorean triples

How is trigonometry useful?

Trigonometry is useful in buliding, amongst other professions and industries. Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with triangles, specifically right-angled triangles. It can be used to measure the angles of a triangle as well as all three sides, as long as two measurements are given.

What are the differrent kind of triangle in trigonometry?

They are: scalene, right angle, obtuse, isosceles and equilateral triangles

What geometric figures do not have any right angles or angles whose measures are larger than a right angle?

All triangles that are not right triangles.

What is a cosine?

In trigonometry, when we look at right triangles, the cosine is the ratio of the length of the adjacent side to the length of the hypotenuse.

Who are the famous mathematicians in trigonometry?

Pythagoras was the most pivotal mathematician in the area of trigonometry. His pythagoras theorem literally redefined the way people studied right angled triangles.

How do you solve right triangles in Trigonometry?

you use the the 3 trigonometry functions , sin=opposite divided by hypotenuse cos=adjacent divided by hypotenuse tan=opposite divided by adjacent these are used to work out angles and side lengths in right angle triangles only!!! sine,cosine,tangent :)

In calculations involving right triangles the hypotenuse is usually represented by the lettert?

In Trigonometry, the Hypotenuse is represented by the letter "h".

Is sine considered as trigonometry?

Yes, the sine, cosine and tangent are integral to problem solving (angles and side lengths) in right angle triangles (triangles with a 90 degree angle included).