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All right angle triangles

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Q: What kind of triangles does the Pythagorean theorem work for?
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Does the Pythagorean Theorem work on all triangles?

No, the pythagorean theorem only works on right triangles, but it will work on any right triangle. This is because the Pythagorean Theorem states that length of Leg A squared plus the length of Leg B Squared equals the length of the hypotenuse squared. A hypotenuse is always found opposite a right angle. Only right triangles have right angles; therefore, the Pythagorean Theorem only applies to right triangles. :D

Does the Pythagorean Theorem work on all triangles with side length of 1?

it works on all right triangles

Does the Pythagorean theorem work on isosceles triangles?

it depens if the isosceles triangle is a right triangle or not

Does Pythagorean Theorem work for triangles that don't have a 90 degree angle?

It does not; if there is no 90 degree angle there is no hypotenuse.

The dose the Pythagorean Theorem only work on right triangles?

I quote " The square on the hypotenuse of a rightangled triangle..."

What are the aspects of pythagores theorem?

Pythagoras invented the Pythagorean Theorem of course, but it only can work for right triangles, not any other triangle. The formula is- A2+B2=C2

Does the Pythagorean Theorem work on squares?

No. The Pythagorean Theroem can ONLY be used on right triangles. Also, If you know one side of the square you know all sides of the square because a square has four equal sides.

Does the Pythagorean theorem always work?

No it never works.

Why does Pythagoreans theorem work for right triangles?

Its a special relationship that was observed by Pythogorous. It just kind of works

How do you work out pythagorean theorem with only one side?

You cannot.

Does pythagoras' theorem work for all triangles?

no only right triangles

Does the Pythagoream Theorem Work on all triangles?

No, only right triangles