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Congruent Triangles have the same angles and side length measures

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Q: Congruent triangles have the same shape and size because they will always have the same?
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What other 2d shape has congruent triangles in it?

A square and rectangle both have congruent triangles in them.

If two triangles have three pairs of congruent angles then the triangles are guaranteed to be congruent is that true or false?

trueImproved Answer:-It is false because the triangles could be similar in shape but not in size

What do you call triangles that are the same size and shape?

congruent triangles

Choose the best response to fill in the blank Congruent triangles have the same shape and size because they will always have the same?

angles and side length measures

How would you prove triangles are congruent?

You could prove two triangles are congruent by measuring each side of both triangles, and all three angles of each triangle. If the lengths of the sides are the same, and so are the angles, then the triangles are congruent... if not, then the triangles are not congruent. If the triangles have the exact same size and shape then they are congruent.

Congruent triangles have what the same?

shape and sizecorresponding sides

What shape has all congruent triangles?

triangular pyramid

Is it true that congruent triangles have the same shape?

yes it is

What shape has congruent angles?

Regular polygons have congruent angles such as squares and equilateral triangles.

What 3d shape has 4 congruent triangles?

A tetrahedron has four equilateral triangles as sides

Do congruent triangles always have the same shape?

Yes, that's part of what the word congruent means. Not only do congruent triangles have the same shape they are of the same size, and you can move one of them over the other one so that it covers it exactly.Note that you cannot flip a triangle over and consider it conguent to another triangle.

What shape has 20 congruent equilateral triangles as faces?

An Icosahedron.

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