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Q: Euclids geometry has been questioned but never has a nonEuclidean geometry been accepted as a valid possibility?
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Euclid's geometry has been questioned but never has a non-Euclidean geometry been accepted as a valid possibility?


Different types of geometry?

Euclidean geometry, non euclidean geometry. Plane geometry. Three dimensional geometry to name but a few

Is there more than one kind of geometry?

There are different kinds of geometry including elementary geometry, Euclidean geometry, and Elliptic Geometry.

Famous geometers and their contributions in geometry?

Archimedes - Euclidean geometry Pierre Ossian Bonnet - differential geometry Brahmagupta - Euclidean geometry, cyclic quadrilaterals Raoul Bricard - descriptive geometry Henri Brocard - Brocard points.. Giovanni Ceva - Euclidean geometry Shiing-Shen Chern - differential geometry René Descartes - invented the methodology analytic geometry Joseph Diaz Gergonne - projective geometry; Gergonne point Girard Desargues - projective geometry; Desargues' theorem Eratosthenes - Euclidean geometry Euclid - Elements, Euclidean geometry Leonhard Euler - Euler's Law Katyayana - Euclidean geometry Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky - non-Euclidean geometry Omar Khayyam - algebraic geometry, conic sections Blaise Pascal - projective geometry Pappus of Alexandria - Euclidean geometry, projective geometry Pythagoras - Euclidean geometry Bernhard Riemann - non-Euclidean geometry Giovanni Gerolamo Saccheri - non-Euclidean geometry Oswald Veblen - projective geometry, differential geometry

What are the Top two types of geometry?

Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry

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Euclid's geometry has been questioned but never has a non-Euclidean geometry been accepted as a valid possibility?


What is a statement accepted as true in geometry?


What statement is accepted without proof geometry?

An axiom.

Both Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry have been accepted as valid types of geometry?


Is theorems accepted without proof in a logical system in geometry?

No, theorems cannot be accepted until proven.

What does k stand for geometry?

It can stand for many things. One possibility is the vertical axis in solid (3-dimensional) analytical geometry.

What is a logical argument in which each statement made is supported by a statement that is accepted as true?

A Proof, 2-column proofs for geometry are common.

What is an example of a statement that is accepted without proof in geometry?

It is possible to draw a straight line from any point to any other point.

What are some real world applications of geometry?

Euclidean geometry has become closely connected with computational geometry, computer graphics, convex geometry, and some area of combinatorics. Topology and geometry The field of topology, which saw massive developement in the 20th century is a technical sense of transformation geometry. Geometry is used on many other fields of science, like Algebraic geometry. Types, methodologies, and terminologies of geometry: Absolute geometry Affine geometry Algebraic geometry Analytic geometry Archimedes' use of infinitesimals Birational geometry Complex geometry Combinatorial geometry Computational geometry Conformal geometry Constructive solid geometry Contact geometry Convex geometry Descriptive geometry Differential geometry Digital geometry Discrete geometry Distance geometry Elliptic geometry Enumerative geometry Epipolar geometry Euclidean geometry Finite geometry Geometry of numbers Hyperbolic geometry Information geometry Integral geometry Inversive geometry Inversive ring geometry Klein geometry Lie sphere geometry Non-Euclidean geometry Numerical geometry Ordered geometry Parabolic geometry Plane geometry Projective geometry Quantum geometry Riemannian geometry Ruppeiner geometry Spherical geometry Symplectic geometry Synthetic geometry Systolic geometry Taxicab geometry Toric geometry Transformation geometry Tropical geometry

Why isn't the Pythagorean theorem a law?

The axiomatic structure of geometry, as initiated by Euclid and then developed by other mathematicians starts of with 8 axioms or postulates which are self-evident truths". Chains of logical reasoning can be used to prove theorems which are then accepted as additional truths, and so on. Geometry does not have laws, as such.

What terms are accepted without proof in a logical system geometry?

Such terms are called axioms, or postulates.Exactly which terms are defined to be axioms depends on the specific system used.

What are the four aspects of geometry?

* geometry in nature * for practcal use of geometry * geometry as a theory * historic practical use of geometry