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You can find some of these solutions online. An example would be the volume of frustum or a similar problem.

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Q: Example problems about regular pyramid with solution?
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What is the definition of a regular pyramid?

A regular pyramid is a right pyramid whose base is a regular polygon. There are only three regular pyramids: a regular tetrahedron, a regular square pyramid, and a regular pentagonal pyramid.

What are the examples of regular solids?

Regular solids are solids where all of the angles and faces are congruent. A die or cube is an example of a regular solid, specifically a regular square prism. A regular triangular pyramid would be a pyramid with a triangular base where each of the three sides of the pyramid were identical to the triangle on the base.

Can you stack a regular pyramid?

Yes. You can stack a regular pyramid.

Is a pyramid regular?

No a pyramid is triangular

What kind of base does a regular pyramid have?

A regular pyramid has an equilateral triangular base

What are faces of a congruent regular polygon?

A regular polygon has equal sides and angles. A polygon has a surface area but a polyhedron has many faces as for example a pyramid.

A regular pyramid has a base and vertex over the center of the base?

A regular pyramid has a regular polygon base and a vertex over the center of the base. By:Cherrylvr :)

Is an pyramid an irregular or regular polyhedron?

There are regular and irregular pyramids. The famous ones at Gizeh are regular, but just because it's a pyramid, it doesn't necessarily have to be regular.

What is the formula for the volume of a regular pyramid?

The volume of a regular pyramid is 1/3*area of the base*hight

A regular pyramid has a regular polygon base and a over the center of the base?

A regular pyramid has an equilateral triangle base, not just a regular polygon. It has an apex above the centre of the base.

Is a square-based pyramid regular?

No, it is not.

Does the Step Pyramid have regular polygons?

yes it does