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The volume of this cone is 15,400 cm3

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Q: Find the volume of a cone having radius of the base 35 cm and slant height 37 cm?
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What is the formula of finding the height of a cone?

It depends on what information you have: its radius and slant height, radius and volume, radius and surface area, surface area and volume, etc.

Height of cone with a radius of 8 and a volume of 2143?

Perpendicular height is: 31.975 Slant height is: 32.961

What is the volume of a cone with a radius of 6cm and a height of 12cm?

452 cm3 (this assumes you mean 12 cm vertical height, not slant height). If the slant height is 12 cm then the volume changes to 392 cm3.

Find the volume of the cone?

Label t radius 6cm the height 8cm and the slant height 10cm

If you the volume of a cone cubed how do you find the slant height radius and altitude?

if you the accidentally this sentence

Wordings for 'What is the height of a cone with the radius of 5in and volume is 2503'?

Perpendicular height is 95.608 inches and slant height is 95.738 inches.

If the volume of a cone is 18pi in cubed and the radius is 3 in then what is the height?

The perpendicular height is 6 inches and the slant height is 6.7082 inches.

What is the slant height of a cone with 8 height and 6 radius?

A right circular cone with 8 height and 6 radius has a slant height of 10.

What is a cone with the radius 8cm and slant height 9cm?

A cone with a base radius of 8 cm and a slant height of 9 cm has:A perpendicular height of 4.123 cmA curved surface area of 226.2 cm2A volume of 276.3 cm3

What is the slant height of a cone if the surface area is 395.64 square meters?

The surface area is a function of the height (or slant height) and the radius of the base. So, the slant height is a function of the surface area and the base-radius. Since the latter is unknown, the slant height cannot be calculated.

How do you find the height of a cone if you have the slant height and the radius?

Assuming it is a right cone, use Pythagoras - slant height = hypotenuse, other two sides = radius of base, and height.

A right cone has a radius of 5 in and a height of 6in What is the slant height of the cone?

Slant height is 7.81 inches.