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a rectangle

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Q: Have 5 flat surfaces You can trace my flat surfaces to make a triangle and a rectangle which shape am i?
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If you trace around the edge of a tissue box what is the name of the drawn shape?

Rectangle what grade are you in.....

Why is the triangle called Bermuda triangle?

because if you trace a line from the island of Bermuda to the Atlantic coast of Miami and another to San Juan, Puerto Rico you will get the shape of a triangle

Are ghosts in the Bermuda Triangle?

probably they vanish without a trace

What shape am i if when you trace it you draw a circle?

a circle

How do you outline a triangle?

To outline something means that you 'trace' it - you move a pencil/pen around each of the triangle's lines. You end up drawing a triangle on top of the triangle you were outlining.

Describe the shape of an ECG trace?

Flat if your dead.

How is a square hole drilled?

A special tool having a cross section of 'Reuleaux triangle' when mounted in a floating chuck can trace the shape of square.. Refer this for more details:

How do you draw a polygon with four-sidesOpposite sides are parallel?

That's a rectangle. Trace around a dollar bill.

How to Copy a curve shape onto wood?

To coy a curved shape into wood, first get yourself a stencil. You can then trace the shape and cut it out.

How do you know what shape face you have?

trace your face in the mirror it with a washible marker

What two shapes could you trace from two pyramid?

A triangle and a square. The base of a pyramid is a square.

If you trace this shape six times you make a cube what shape is it?

Square? a cube has 6 sides each are squares.