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In any and all circles, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter is a constant called 'pi' ~ 3.14159 and since a full circle contains 2 pi radians = a constant 360 degrees, then the radian itself is a constant angle ~ 180/3.14159 = 57.3'.

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Q: How can you prove that radian angle is a constant angle?
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Define Radian measure of an angle?

radian = 180/2pi degrees

How can you write a c program that prints a table of trigonometric values for sin cos and tan?

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<math.h> void main() { const float pi=3.14; float angle,radian; clrscr(); printf("Angle\t Radian\t\t sin\t\t cos\t\t tangent"); for(angle=0;angle<=180;angle+=10) { radian=(pi/180.0)*angle; printf("\n%0.0f\t%f\t%f\t%f\t%f",angle,radian,sin(radian),cos(radian),tan(radian)); } getch(); }

What is the unit to measure an angle called?

A radian.

How many meters in a radian?

Meter is a unit of length. Radian is a unit of angle. They don't relate.

Radian measure of 120 degree angle?


Why you use radian?

it is used as an degree. It is an unit of angle.

How can the radian measure of an angle determine the arc length on the unit circle?

The radian measure IS the arc length of the unit circle, by definition - that is how the radian is defined in the first place.

Radian measure of an angle at 72 degrees?

1.256 radians.

What is one radian?

It is the derived unit of plane angle and 1 radian = one full rotation/2π. Also, it is equal to 57.296°.

What is the radian measure of the angle 72?

72 degrees = 1.256637 radians.

What is the angle of radian?

raidans is just another way of expressing the size of an angle. pi radians = 180 degrees.

How do you define radian?

An informal definition: If you take a radius of a circle and wrap it around its circumference then the angle which that arc will make at the centre of the circle is 1 radian.More formally, a radian is 1/(2*pi) of a whole angle.