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Divide length by 3 (convert feet into yards), divide width by 3 (convert feet into yards) and multiply the results.


Multiply length (in feet) by width (in feet) to the area (in sq feet) and divide by 9 (convert sq feet to sq yards).

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Q: How do you convert length and width in feet into square yards?
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How do you convert 2500 linear yards into square yards?

Linear yards only takes into account the length, square yards is the length multiplied by the width. You could arrive at an answer by calculating the square root of 2500 which is 50

If a area has of 5000 square yards if its width is 50 yards what is its length?

Its length is 100 square yards.

How do you get square yards?

Multiply the length of yards by the width of yards. That will give you the square yards.

How to convert the length and width to yards?

You cannot convert length nor width to yards. The length and width need t be measured in some units such as inches, feet, miles, metres, etc. You can convert from one unit of length to another using an appropriate conversion factor.

Convert 4800 square yards to yards?

You cannot convert square yards to yards. If you have a real quadratic square with an area of 4800 square yards, then you can calculate one side length as the square root of 4800. The square of 4800 sqare yards has a side length of 69.2820323 yards.

How do you convert a room 26 x 38 into square yards?

For area measurements, you multiply the length by the width. Here the calculation gives you an answer of 988 square feet. Divide by 9 to get 109.78 square yards.

What in square meters is 65 length yards 36 yards width?

1,956.538 square meters.

What is the width of a rectangle if the area is 34 square yards and the length is 17 yards?

The width is 34/17 = 2 yards

How do you find square yards if measurements in yards?

Multiply the length times the width.

If an area has 56 yards and its length is 8 yards what is the width?

If the area has 56 yards, then the question is defective. "Yard" is a unit of length, not area.If the area is 56 square yards and the length is 8 yards, then the width is 7 yards.

Find the area of a rectangle that has the length of four yards and a width of 3 yards?

Area = Length x Width so... 4 yards x 3 yards = 12 square yards

The area of a rectangle is 162yd2 What is the length and width?

It could be: length 3 yards and width 54 yards, OR length 6 yards and Width 27 yards. All you have to do is think of it this way: If the area is 162 square yards, what two numbers multiplied together equal 162?