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At the point of intersecting lines, the points are equal.

Watch this:

The equation of the 1st line is Y=3x-7

The equation of the 2nd line is Y=-2x+3

Remember, at the intersecting points they are equal. So then:

3x-7=-2x+3 Now solve for x (get x by itself in the form of x=whatever)


+2x +2x (What you do to one side of the equal sign you must do to the other)


5x -7 = 3

+7 = +7


5x = 10 now divide by 5 to remove the 5 from the x in 5x.

___ ___

5 5


Then you sub x=2 into any of the two equation. Lets use the first one:

Y=3x-7 becomes Y=3(2)-7



So the intersecting point is (2,-1)

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You don’t. You just fail

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Q: How do you find the point of intersection between two lines?
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How do you find the point two lines intercept at given the slopes and Y-intercepts of both lines?

Solve the two equations simultaneously. The solution will be the coordinates of the point of intersection.

How do you find the point of intersection of a parallelogram?

It would help to know "... the point of intersection of a parallelogram" and what!

How do you find intersection points on TI84 calculator?

Graph the two lines or equations you want to find the intersection of. Then adjust the window so that you can see the intersection point. (If you don't know where it is, try pressing ZOOM and choosing ZoomFit.) Then press 2ND CALC (above TRACE) and choose option 5, intersect. Use the up and down arrows to select the first equation you want to find the intersection point on, and press ENTER. Do the same thing for the second equation. The calculator will now say "Guess?". Use the left and right arrows to move the x-like shape as close to the intersection point as possible, then press ENTER. The calculator will tell you the intersection point and the bottom of the screen. If you get a NO SIGN CHNG error, then it might be because the intersection point is not on the screen. Change the window so that you can see the intersection point and try again. Also, make sure that your guess is somewhat close to the intersection point.

What do you find at the intersection of a plane an a line?

Unless the line is a subset of the plane, the intersection is a point.

What do you find at the intersection of a plane and a line?

another point

What are graphing method?

graphing method is when you graph two lines and then find the intersection which is the answer of the system of equations

How do you find where two lines intersect based on an equation?

when the x and y values of both equations are equal, because the point of intersection will only have one x value and one y value

How to Derive the formula of distance between a point and a line?

You must first write an equation for the line through the point perpendicular to the line. Then, find the intersection between the two lines. Lastly, use this point and the distance formula to find the length of the perpendicular segment connecting the given point and the original line. That will lead to the following formula, d = |AX1+BY1- C|/(sqrt(A2+B2)), Where A, B and C represent the coefficients of the given line in standard form and (X1,Y1) is the given point.

Does an octagon have a center point?

Yes, an Octagon does have a center point. The easiest way for me to find this is by drawing lines between opposite vertexes. You should end up with four lines and they should be crossing at one point. That is your center point! :V

How do you verify that a triangle is isosceles?

The step to verify an isosceles triangle is: 1) Find the intersection points of the lines. 2) Find the distance for each intersection points. 3) If 2 of the distance are the same then it is an isosceles triangle.

Why is it more accurate to use the point of intersection of the two lines to find the mole ratio rather than the ratio associated with the trial with the greatest volume of precipitate?

Using the point of intersection gives a more accurate mole ratio because it represents the stoichiometric ratio of the reactants based on the balanced chemical equation. In contrast, the trial with the greatest volume of precipitate may be influenced by factors such as experimental error or impurities, leading to a less precise ratio.

How do you find the center of a room?

Assume the room to be square or rectangle. The intersection of two lines from opposite corners is your center.