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if you want the outside area just calculate the area of one face of the cube H x L and multiply by six. double this amount if you want the internal surfaces added to this such as if you had a cardboard box.

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Q: How do you find the surface area of a cubic box?
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How may inch cubes would it takes to fill box with a surface re of 480 cubic inches?

The question is somewhat puzzling. The surface area of a box is not sufficient information to determine its shape and, therefore, its size. Furthermore, surface area would not be given as 480 cubic inches since that is not a measure of area (but of volume). On the other hand, if the box has a volume of 480 cubic inches, the answer, becomes trivial. 480 inch cubes = 480 cubic inches. Rocket science!

How do you find the surface area of a box with no lid?

measure the sides of the box

The surface area of a box when given the surface area height and peremeter?

It should be relatively easy to find the surface area of a box when you are given the surface area.

If joan made a cubic box out of cardboard and each side is 10 12 inches what is the area of all the cardboard she used?

"each side is 10 12 inches" Unsure about how this is worded, however: To find the area of a cube, you must multiply the area of one face, by its length. The surface area for a cubic box with 10" sides would be 10x10x10 = 1000 For a box of 12" sides, this would be 12x12x12 = 1452

How do you find the surface area of a pop corn box?

find the area of each side and add them together.

Should the surface area of a box be the same as volume?

no; surface area applies to the square unit of measurement of a 2-dimensional surface, such as one face of a box (length and width). Volume is a 3-dimensional representation that takes the 2-dimensional surface area (length x width) and adds a 3rd dimension in the form of depth, or height. Answers in volume will always be a cubic unit of measure. Summing it up: Surface Area: L x W Cubic Area (Volume): L x W x H

How do you find the surface area of a box?


How can you use the formula for the surface area of a box to find the surface area of a cube?

The surface area of a box, which is a cuboid, depends on its length, width and height. A cube is a special type of cuboid in which the length , width and height are all the same.

What is the surface area of a 343 cubic cm box?

Presuming its a cube, then: 6 * ( ( cube root ( 343 ) )2 ) > = 294 sq cms

To calculate the area of the front surface of a box you---?

need to measure the length and width of the front surface, then multiply these two measurements together. This will give you the area of the front surface of the box.

What is the formula for find of a box rectangular prism?

The formula will depend on what it is that you are trying to find: the volume or the surface area.

What units would you use to describe the surface area of a box measured in feet?

An area is measured in square units, so for lengths measured in feet, the area would be measured in square feet.The surface area of a box, is just the sum of the areas of each face, each of which is measured in square units.