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Designate one of the faces as the base, and the distance between the plane the base is on, and the plane the opposite side is on, as the height. Then the volume is the base times the height.

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Q: How do you find the volume of a parallelepiped?
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Solid mensuration problems with solution?

find the volume of the largest pyramid which can be cut from a rectangular parallelepiped whose edges are 2in. by 3in. by 4in. discuss fully

How do you calculate the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped where opposing corners are given?

length times with times height

How do find the length of a rectangle if the perimeter and width is given?

Assuming the object is a rectangular parallelepiped, use its density to find its volume and solve the equation V abc for c where a, b, and c are the height, length and width respectively

What shapes has 12 edges 2 rectangular faces and 3 sets of parallel faces?

A rectangular parallelepiped. A cuboid is a special case.A rectangular parallelepiped. A cuboid is a special case.A rectangular parallelepiped. A cuboid is a special case.A rectangular parallelepiped. A cuboid is a special case.

What is the volume of a substance that measures .546 cm long 1.2316 cm wide and .00000021 cm high?

When it is a 90o angled block then multiply all LxWxH (and all in cm) to find the volume in cm3.However when it is a parallelepiped*), then calculation needs also the three corner angles been given.If a, b, and c are the parallelepiped edge lengths, and α, β, and γ are the internal angles between the edges, the volume is:V = a.b.c.SQRT[1 + 2cos(α).cos(β).cos(γ) - cos2(α).cos2(β).cos2(γ)]*) a parallelepiped is a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms, sometimesthe term rhomboid is used with this meaning)

How can you draw a parallelepiped?


What is a rectangular based prism put on a slanted angle called?

rhombic prism, rhomboid, parallelepiped

What is a shape with 12 edges 8 faces and 6 vertices's called?

A parallelepiped. A cube is a special case of a parallelepiped.

What is the volume of the prism with measurements of 6 5 and 3?

I presume you mean a rectangular prism. Assuming all the angles are right angles, so that it is a rectangular parallelepiped, the volume is just the product of the three dimensions. I get 90.

What shape is a Ingot of silver?

It is a parallelepiped.

What is the volume of rectangle 4m long and 2m wide?

A rectangle is one of the six faces of a cuboid (a rectangular parallelepiped). The area of a rectangle 4m long and 2m wide is 8m2. Multiply this by the thickness (or depth) of the cuboid to obtain its volume.

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