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Q: How far down the lane does a 10 diameter bowling ball roll each time it turns once?
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What is the slope of an incline if a ball rolls down it from left to right?

It has a negative (downward) slope.

What is the meaning of magna?

Magma is cold lava, when a volcano has erupted and lava starts to pour out when it cools down or touches water it turns into a rock cold magma.

Convert diameter to circumference?

The circumference of a circle is a little more than 3 times the diameter, so for a rough, approximate conversion, multiply the diameter by 3. For a better conversion, multiply the diameter by π instead. π is a the Greek letter whose name sounds like 'pie'. It is often written 'pi' instead of π. π cannot be written down absolutely accurately, but you can make your conversion more and more accurate by using more and more accurate values for π. Here are some values for π in order of increasing accuracy, 3.1 3.14 3.142 3.1416 3.14159 3.141593 (This list can go on forever.)

How do you find the the area of a circle when you know the diameter?

The area of a circle is found with the equation: Area = Pi x radius2.To find the radius, divide the diameter by two. The next step of the equation is to square the radius. Finally, multiply that by 3.14.Example: Diameter 20Find the radius: 20 divided by 2 = 10Square: 10 times 10 = 100Multiply by 3.14 for the final answer: 314(Don't forget to include units! If your original diameter was measured in cm, the area will be in cm2.)if you have the diameter, just multiply by 3.14 (pi) because that's how long around the outside the circle is no matter what. But if you want to find the area...that's different.C=pi x DSo let's call the diameter d and you have that then then circumference is the constant Pi multiplied by the diameter or Pixd.There are many approximations to Pi. It is a constant and an irrational number which means it goes on forever without repeating and cannot be written as a fraction. It can, however, be approximated using fractions. Many people use 22/7 but an even better approximation is 355/113. That is is easy to remember by just writing the number 113355 which are the first 3 odd numbers each written twice and split it down the middle. Put the bigger part on top and you have a very good approximation to Pi.So for example, say the diameter is 113 inches, then the circumference is approximately 355 inches.The Circumference of a Circle when the diameter is a known, fixed number is Pi or about 3.14 multiplied by the Diameter 3.14 x D

How do you find the radius and circumference of a circle?

Draw a line that passes through the center of the circle (if the center is not marked, you can still find it by various means of geometrical construction, if you have a compass, or by slowly pulling a ruler down through the circle and seeing where the measurement of the circle is largest). The line that passes through the center, going from one side of the circumference to the other, is the diameter. The radius is simply half the diameter and can be measured directly, with a ruler. Once you have that figure, you can calculate the circumference. The circumference is equal to pi times the diameter, or two pi times the radius. Pi is equal to approximately 3.1415 which is close enough for all usual purposes.

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What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

What is a bowling lane?

It is the isle you roll your ball down when bowling

The energy associated with a bowling ball knocking down bowling pins is?

The bowling ball transfers its kinetic energy (energy of movement) to the stationary bowling pins.

What force causes a bowling ball to roll down the hill?

No. Speed and force cause a bowling ball to roll down a lane. Friction may cause a bowling ball to change course on a lane though, and also slow it down.

Why is a bowling ball bettter for knocking down pins than a ping pong ball?

The bowling ball is better for knocking down pins because it is larger and alson has a larger mass

What are uses of friction?

Friction is when you roll a bowling ball down an bowling alley or when you kick a soccer ball. Hope this helped

When a bowling ball collidies with a bowling pin?

it tries to knock all the pins down

When a bowling ball collides with a bowling pin what happens to the force?

it knocks the pins down.

What quality of a bowling ball enables it to plow through a set of pins without slowing down?

The bowling ball does slow down. Momentum is conserved. It's just that it's a heavy ball so it has a lot of momentum, and the pins are light so overall the ball doesn't slow down enough for us to notice.

Why was the bowling ball made?

To knock down the pins.

If a bowling ball and ping-pong ball are rolled down the highway at identical speed which ball has the greatest amount of kinetic energy?

The bowling ball because it has more mass

What is another name for gutter in bowling?

In Bowling, it's a ball that is pitched so that it travels down the gutter instead of down the lane.