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Geometry is very important because you practically see it everyday. Everything is geometry. Humans are geometry. planets are geometry. If you don't really understand how much geometry is used and important, then you should try to see somebody for geometry answers.

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Q: How important is geometry in everyday life?
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How is geometry used in your everyday life?

Geometry is used in my everyday life because I see it everyday. Everything I see is practically geometry. There are posters on my classroom wall, there are desks and chairs, tables, and a big nice white board. I guess this is really how I used geometry in my everyday life.

What are the contributions of geometry to everyday life?

Geometry is used by many things, in many different ways.

How important is geometry in your daily life?

if no geometry in our life, we can't do the other things if we dont have geometry.

How is geometry a part of everyday life?

because they can learn more

What math do you use in everyday life?

algebra, geometry, statistics... anything in fact.

How is geomerty used?

It is used almost everyday. If you draw geometry is important also geometry is important in other math classes as well. Any shape you see is geometric.

Where can you find geometry in everyday life?

You cant, stuff like geometry is supposed to be learned just for getting a good grade in school :P

Geometry and Real Life?

geometry in real life as the statement seems is just simply geometry in real life if we observe carefully in our everyday surrondings such as the shape of trees ,cars ,houses and even our own human body we can observe geometry for eg. most houses are rectangular in shape etc.

Important of geometry in your daily life?

geomatery is no use

How does geometry affect real life?

In architecture, engineering, drawing etc, geometry can be very important.

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Geometry relates to everyday life?

Yes. Try driving a car (or bicycle) whose wheels are not round.