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One radian is about 57.3 degrees

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Q: How many degrees are there in one radian?
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How are radian converted to degrees?

One radian = 180/pi or about 57.3 degrees (pi = about 3.14).

How many degrees equal one radian?

A full circle is either 360 degrees, or 2 x pi radians, so the exact conversion factor is: 1 radian = 180/pi degrees

One radian is how much degree?

One radian is approximately equal to 57.2958 degrees. Therefore 2πrad is equal to 360 degrees, and πrad equals 180 degrees.

Is a degree or a radian the larger unit of measure?

One radian is equal to roughly 57 degrees!

How many degrees are equal to a Pi radian?


Connection degrees and radian?

For every 360 degrees, there are 2 pi radians. Therefore, there are about 57.2958 degrees for every radian.

Value of 1 radian is?

1 radian = 360/tau (or 180/pi) degrees.

How many Degrees is 1 arc of the circle?

That will depend on the length of the arc but an arc radian of a circle is about 57.3 degrees

What is the radian of -120 degrees?

-120 degrees = ~-2.0944 radians

How many degrees are 8milirads?

A radian is a degree of measure where an entire circle is set equal to 2 x pi. If you use degrees, the circle is equal to 360 degrees. Therefore, each radian is equal to 180 / pi degrees, or about 57.30 degrees. Since milli means thousandths, a milliradian is about 0.05730 degrees.

How do you convert steradians into radian?

You do not convert. STERADIAN is a two dimensioal measurement RADIAN is a one dimensional measurement. Just as you cannot convert area into degrees (of angular measurement)

What is the radian measure for 160 degrees?

160 degrees = 2.8 radians.