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A full circle is either 360 degrees, or 2 x pi radians, so the exact conversion factor is:

1 radian = 180/pi degrees

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Q: How many degrees equal one radian?
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How many degrees are there in one radian?

One radian is about 57.3 degrees

One radian is how much degree?

One radian is approximately equal to 57.2958 degrees. Therefore 2πrad is equal to 360 degrees, and πrad equals 180 degrees.

Is a degree or a radian the larger unit of measure?

One radian is equal to roughly 57 degrees!

How are radian converted to degrees?

One radian = 180/pi or about 57.3 degrees (pi = about 3.14).

One degree is equal to how many radians?

One degee = (pi/180)*radian

What is one radian?

It is the derived unit of plane angle and 1 radian = one full rotation/2π. Also, it is equal to 57.296°.

How do you convert steradians into radian?

You do not convert. STERADIAN is a two dimensioal measurement RADIAN is a one dimensional measurement. Just as you cannot convert area into degrees (of angular measurement)

How many Degrees equal one hundred degrees C in F?

212 degrees

What angle measures 58 degrees?

The obvious answer is 58 degrees. It is very close to one radian (57.3 degrees), which is an angle such that the length of the arc that it subtends is the same as the radius.

How many degrees are in one fourth?

There are: 1/4 or a quarter of a turn is equal to 90 degrees

How do I change the x-axis on my automatic grapher to degrees?

I am assuming your automatic grapher is a scientific calculator. What you do is turn on the calculator, push the "mode" button. Then look through all of the options. You should find one that says "Radian" and " Degrees". Radian is probably highlighted, click on degrees. Now your x-axis is changed.

What is the value of one 1 in radian?

Integers do not convert directly into radians. Only angular values may, such as degrees or grads. ex: 1x180 degrees = pi radians. 2x180 degrees = 2pi radians. Thusly an angle of 1 degree would be equal to pi/180 x 1 degree.

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