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Infinitely many.

Let L be any number greater than or equal to sqrt(24) units.

and let B = 24/L

Then the area of the rectangle with length L units and breadth B units will be

L * B = L *24/L = 24 square units.

Since there are infinitely many possible values for L, there are infinitely many possible answers to the question.

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Q: How many possible rectangles with an area of 24 square units?
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What is the area and perimeter of a large square if two congruent rectangles are arranged so they from a square with each perimeter of rectangles is 36 inches?

area = 144 square units perimeter = 48 units

What are three different rectangles that have an area of 12 square units?

Thee different rectangles with an area of 12 square units are 3 by 4, 2 by 6 and 1 by 12.

How do you take the area of rectangles?

Area of a rectangle in square units = length*width

How many rectangles can be formed from an area of 54 square units?

Infinitely many.

How do you draw a rectangle that has a perimeter of 8 units and an area of 4 square units?

Squares are rectangles. Draw a 2 unit square.

How can you say that area of square is equal to the square of its sides?

All squares are rectangles (though the condition is not true vice-versa). Consider a square of side 'a' units and a rectangle of length 'l' units and breadth 'b' units. The area of the rectangle is given by lxb. Now, since all rectangles are squares, we can apply the same formula for the square. Therefore, area of the square = lxb. But, 'l' and 'b' is the same as 'a'. This implies, area of the square = axa = a^2 (a square).

How many square feet in a rectangle 193X273X214x205?

Rectangles have two dimensions: length and width. Multiply them together and you will get the area in square units.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 26 units. What is the greatest possible area of the rectangle in square units?

42 square units.

How many feet are there in 1325 square feet?

Feet are length units, square feet are area units. It is not possible to convert between the two.

What is the relationship between the perimeters of rectangles with the same area?

None, other than that if the area is x square units, the perimeter must be greater than or equal to 4*sqrt(x) units. It is possible to construct a rectangle for each and every one of the infinitely many values greater than 4*sqrt(x) units. Consequently, there can be no relationship as suggested by the question.

What is the greatest possible area for a rectangle?

Area of any rectangle in square units is its length multiplied by its width.

What is the area of a square that has a side of 6x 7?

Thanks to limitations of the browser used for posting questions, it is not possible to tell whether the sides are 6x - 7 units or 6x + 7 units. For 6x - 7 units, area = 36x2 - 84x + 49 square units. For 6x + 7 units, area = 36x2 + 84x + 49 square units.