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The radius is 7 rounded to the nearest integer

The circumference works out as 44 rounded to the nearest integer.

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Q: If the area is 153.86 what is the circumference?
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How do you get the circumference of a circle knowing the area?

area = π x radius2 ⇒ radius = √(area ÷ π) circumference = 2π x radius ⇒ circumference = 2π x √(area ÷ π) ⇒ circumference = √(4π2 x area ÷ π) ⇒ circumference = √(4π x area) So knowing the area, the circumference can be calculated by taking the square root of the area multiplied by 4 times π Example: What is the circumference of a circle with area 78.54cm2 Circumference = √(4π x area) = √(4π x 78.54cm2) ~= 31.42cm

How do you find the area of a cirle with the circumference?

Area = circumference squared... You do circumference divided by 4,... and then divide that by Pi.

What is the formula for area circumference?

Area = (Circumference)2/(4*pi)

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How you get area of a circle from the circumference?

Circumference = 2πr so r = circumference/2π Then area = πr2

Is circumference squared or cubed?

Circumference isn't squared OR cubed. However, Surface Area is squared and so is Area. So Circumference is just Circumference :)

How do you fund the circumference of circle when you know the area?

You dived the area by the circumference of the circle.

What is the circumference and the area of a circle with a radius of 3?

28.26=area 18.84=circumference

What is the radius when the circumference and area are the same?

circumference doesn't matter when solving for area..

What is the relationship between the circumference of a circle and the area of a circle?

Area = (Circumference squared)/4 pi Circumference = 2 sqrt(Area times pi)

What the circumference and area of a circle with diameter of eleven feet?

the circumference and area of a circle with a diameter of elleven feet are as follow. circumference:34.54 area:94.985

How do you calculate circumference and area of pi?

Pi is the number of times the diameter of a circle will fit into the circumference. Pi is not a circle, and does not have a circumference or area. To calculate a circumference USING pi, the circumference is diameter * pi. To find the area using pi, area = pi * radius * radius