Important people in geometry

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Important people in geometry
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How important is geometry in everyday life?

Geometry is very important because you practically see it everyday. Everything is geometry. Humans are geometry. planets are geometry. If you don't really understand how much geometry is used and important, then you should try to see somebody for geometry answers.

Who created the theory for geometry?

Many people, but Euclid was perhaps the most important.

Why is it important to do proofs in geometry?

it is not important

Why do you need study geometry?

to learn more important in geometry

How important is geometry in your daily life?

if no geometry in our life, we can't do the other things if we dont have geometry.

Why is euclid important to geometry?

Because he was the first write a book about Geometry.

Euclid was important to the development of?

Euclid was important to the development of geometry.

How does geometry affect real life?

In architecture, engineering, drawing etc, geometry can be very important.

Why is very important to learn the geometry?

it's not

Why is geometry important to architects?

Geometry is important to architects since they use it to design buildings or whatever they are working on. They have to take a ton of math classes to do this job.

What famous people contributed to geometry?

Your Mother contributed to my geometry :D

Contribution in geometry of Aristotle geometry?

Aristotle considered geometry one of the most important sciences, and did some work with point and line planar geometry. He also used geometry as a way into sciences where he did more work, like optics and mechanics.