Is a cone a polygon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A polygon is a plane figure - i.e. it is 2-dimensional

A cone is a solid figure - i.e it is 3-dimensional

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Q: Is a cone a polygon
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Is an ice cream cone a polygon?

A polygon is 2-D. An ice cream cone is 3-D. So no. An ice cream cone is a hollow cone.

Is a cone net a polygon?

No it is not. A polygon is an enclosed plane area whose boundaries comprise straight lines. The net of a cone comprises curved line segments and so cannot be a polygon.

What polygon has 1 corner and can roll?


Solid with two parallel and congruent polygon faces?


How many faces edges and vertices doess a cone have?

A face is a polygon. There are none on a cone. There is only one vertex at the top of the cone. Although the cone does not have a face it does have a lateral side and a base.

Why is a cone not called a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a solid object bounded by polygons. Polygons are plane shapes [bounded by straight lines]. The curved surface of a cone is not a polygon and so the cone is not bounded by polygons and therefore, a cone is not a polyhedron.

What is the parts of a cone prism?

There is no such things a combined cone prism. A cone has a polygonal shapes base with all ofthe points on the edge of the polygon rising up a certain height to one point from the center of the base polygon. A prism is two polygonal bases. These bases are connected on the edges and have a certain height.

Is a cone a pyramid or a prism?

A cone is a common pyramid-like figure where the base is a circle or other closed curve instead of a polygon. A cone has a curved lateral surface instead of several triangular faces, but in terms of volume, a cone and a pyramid are just alike.

Which of these is a polygon a cone b circle c square or d pyramid?

The answer to this question is a square. Hope I helped.

What is a polygon that has 1 circular base and 1 curved surface?

A cone would fit the given description

A cone is a solid made from a polygonal base a point not in the same plane as the base and all points between them?

No, it is not. The base is not a polygon.

What is a solid figure with one face that is a polygon?

A polygon is a many sided 2-dimensional figure, and thus could never be "solid" Alternatively, it could be "one face that is a polygon". In that case the solid could be like a pyramid that morphs into a cone or a part-sphere. The base would be the one polygon, the other face would not.