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In general, a diamond shape is neither a square nor a regular polygon. Only in an extreme form is it a square and therefore a regular polygon.

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Q: Is a diamond shape square a regular polygon?
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What shape has to be a regular polygon?

Any polygon whose sides are equal in length, such as a square, is a regular polygon.

Is A quadrilateral is a regular polygon?

A 4 sided quadrilateral is only a regular polygon when it is in the shape of a square

If the exterior angle of a regular polygon equals 90 degrees what shape is the polygon?


What is a polygon that has 4 congruent sides?

its called a square, or another shape; diamond

Is a kite a regular shape or not a regular shape?

A regular polygon must have all its sides equal and all its angles equal. The only regular quadrilateral is a square.

Is a diamond a polygon shape?

Yes, there is polygon that is called a diamond but it is not the same shape as the precious stone.

What is a two dimensional shape with all sides equal?

A square. Answer: Any regular polygon.

Which 2d shape has equal sides?

Square. A regular polygon. It can have three or more sides.

A shape has equal side?

Here are three: equilateral triangle, square, and cube

Why is a regular pentagon a polygon?

A regular pentagon has straight sides and is closed so its a polygon. Any shape with straight sides and is closed is a polygon. Example O (circle) has curved lines so its not a polygon L (square) is open therefore it is not a polygon.

Is the circle a REGULAR or irregular shape?

The circle is an irregular shape because all of it is curved. * * * * * No. A circle is a regular shape. It is not a polygon and so cannot be a regular polygon but that does not prevent it from being a regular shape.

What shape has all angles are congruent?

A regular polygon has all congruent angles such as a square or an equilateral triangle