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Q: Is it true or false that the earth spins on its axis?
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The motion of giant wheel is a rotatory motion is true or false?

True. The motion of a giant wheel involves rotatory motion as the wheel spins around a central axis.

Where is the true north geographic north?

True north is the direction that points towards the geographic North Pole, which is the northernmost point on Earth. It is the direction used in cartography and navigation to indicate the Earth's axis of rotation.

Is it true or false Earth rotates on its axis about once every year?

False. Earth rotates on its axis about once every 24 hours, causing day and night cycles. It completes one full rotation every day.

Is this true or false the length of a planet's year is determined by how fast it spins?

False. The length of a planet's year is determined by how long it takes to orbit around its star. The planet's rotation speed on its axis can affect the length of a day, but not the length of a year.

Is it true or false that Jupiter spins faster than any planet?

True. Jupiter has the fastest rotation rate of any planet in our solar system. It completes one rotation on its axis in about 9.9 hours, making it the fastest spinning planet.

Is this statement true or false earths spinning on its axis is called rotation?


Is it true or false A centrifuge spins milk at high speeds to separate the butterfat from the rest of the milk?

A centrifugal spins milk at high speeds to separate the butterfat the rest of milk.

Earth revoles on its axis true or false?

Yes, it does though it wobbles a bit. This gives us seasons and the magnetic field that a compass detects.

True or false if a curve is symmetrical most of the scores fall at the lower values ofthe x-axis?


Does the earth spin on its true poles or magnetic poles?

The Earth spins on its true or geographic poles, which are the points where the planet's axis of rotation intersects its surface. The magnetic poles, on the other hand, are where the Earth's magnetic field lines are perpendicular to its surface, and they do not coincide exactly with the geographic poles.

The sun appears to move across the sky each day is it true or false?

If by "seem to move" you are referring to perspective then it is true, since the Earth rotates on an axis and revolves around the sun, if we do not know that it is the Earth that is moving, it would seem that stars move across the sky, except for the pole star Polaris, which is aligned with the north axis and remains "fixed" in its place.

True or false earth is a perfect sphere?

False. Earth is not a perfect sphere. It is an oblate spheroid, meaning it is slightly flattened at the poles and slightly bulging around the equator due to its rotation.