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An angle is formed by two rays and a vertex.

Points A B and C are collinear How many lines are determined by A B and C

What kind of lines are in the same plane and are not parallel

What is the union of two rays that have a common endpoint called

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Q: Line be is the bisector of segment ac if ab equals 7 ac equals?
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What is a perpendicular bisector of a line segment?

The perpendicular bisector of a line segment AB is the straight line perpendicular to AB through the midpoint of AB.

If line segment AD equals 12 meters what is the length of line segment AB?


Mid point of a segment and angle bisector?

Definition of angle bisector:An angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint. The angle bisector is a ray or line segment that bisects the angle, creating two congruent angles. To construct an angle bisector you need a compass and straightedge.Definition of midpoint:Midpoint of a line segment is the point that is halfway between the endpoints of the line segment. A line segment has only one midpoint. If AB is a line segment and P is the midpoint, then AP = BP =

Is line segment AB equals BA?

According to the symmetric property (and common sense) line segmetn AB is congruet to line segment BA since they are the same segment, just with a different name

What is the name for line segment ab?

segment AB

Which is the measure of line segment of AB if AC equals 10?

The answer is "No Solution" because there is not enough information.

What is a characteristic of a perpendicular bisector?

Given a straight line joining the points A and B, the perpendicular bisector is a straight line that passes through the mid-point of AB and is perpendicular to AB.

How many ways can you name a line?

line segment, line ab, __ ab

What is another name for the line segment AB?

Lina ab

What rule states that line segment AB is congruent to line segment AB?

malay ko tanung u sa teacher

How do you find the right bisector of a line segment?

Let us say the line segment is AB. Then take a compass and spread it so that the distance between the needle around which the compass rotates and the pencil at the other end is a little over half the length of AB. Place the needle of the compass on A and draw small arcs above and below the line AB. Without altering anything on the compass, place the needle on B and draw small arcs as before above and below the line AB such that these arcs intersect the older arcs. Now join the two intersection points of the arcs and call this line CD. CD is the right bisector of AB A----------------|----------------B

Segment ab equals 9 segment bc equals 12 what is the hypotenuse of right triangle abc?


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