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100 is the scale factor

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Suppose rectangle E has an area of 9 square centimeters and rectangle F had an area of 900 square centimeters The two rectangles are similar What is the scale factor from rectangle E to rectangle F?
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Are some rectangles similar?

no some rectangles cannot be similar. a rectangle is a shape with 2 = sides and then 2 more different = sides. it is impossible because if 2 rectangles were similar than that would not be a rectangle. similar means having corresponding sides no it is not possible

How do you fine the length in a similar rectangles?

If you are given two similar rectangles, one with all measurements and the other with only one, you first need to find the conversion ratio. Let's call the rectangle that you know everything about, rectangle A, and the other rectangle B. You take the ratio of the side of rectangle B to rectangle A. You then multiply the length of rectangle A by this value, to find the length of rectangle B.

What is its the width of 2 rectangles that the areas are 15cm2 and 60cm2 the lengt of the first rectangle is 5cm?

I can give the width of one of the rectangles. The first rectangle of area 15 cm2 and length of 5 cm has width of 3 cm. It is impossible to know the width of the other rectangle of area 60 cm2. However, if you had said that the two rectangles were similar, then the dimensions of the second rectangle would be 10 cm X 6 cm. But you didn't say that the two rectangles were similar; so there are infinite possibilities of what the dimensions of the second rectangle might be.

How do you determine if rectangles are Simular?

If the 'ratio' (length/width) of one rectangle is the same number as (length/width) of the other one, then the two rectangles are similar.

How do you find ratio of two rectangles?

If you are trying to find the ratio of the lengths of two similar rectangles, divide the length of one side of one rectangle by the corresponding side length of the other rectangle. To find the ratio between their volumes, divide the volume of one rectangle by the volume the other rectangle. To find volume, multiply the width of the rectangle by the length of the rectangle.

The length of rectangle A is 24 cm and the length of rectangle B is 96 cm The two rectangles are similar Find the ratio of the area of B to the area of A?


What is the similarities between triangle and rectangle?

i dont really know can u tell me?

How are rectangles and trapezoids similar?

how are trapezoids and rectangles

Is a 4X10 rectangle similar to a 5X8?

Two rectangles are similar if and only if their corresponding sides are in proportion. If 4/5 = 10/8, then (4)(8) = (5)(10), because in any proportion the product of the means equals the product of extremes. Since 32≠ 50, the corresponding sides of those rectangles are not in proportion, so that rectangles are not similar.

Are all rectangles similar?

No not all rectangles are similar because the proportions are different.

Are two rectangles always similar?

Two rectangles are seldom but sometimes similar. They can be but they don't have to.

Are all rectangles never similar?

No, not all rectangles are similar because the proportions are different.

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