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Q: The number of segments determined by n points is?
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What is the number of segments determined by n points is?

The answer depends on whether the n points are on a line and you are interested in linear segments or whether they are on the circumference of a circle and you are interested in the number of segments that the circle is partitioned into. Or, of course, any other shape.

How do you determine the number of segments that can be drawn connecting each pair of points?

If there are n points then the maximum number of lines possible is n*(n-1)/2 and that maximum is attained of no three points are collinear.

A pyramid has a base with n sides How many vertices does the pyramid have?

n+1 = vertices of a pyramid If: n = number of sides of the polygonal base AND a pyramid has 1 point where line segments from points of the polygonal base intersect

If points S O and N are collinear how many lines do they determined?


Calculate the average number of bison per segment using the equation below where N equals the average number of bison per segment . If you get a decimal for your answer round to the nearest whole number?

the rest of the question : N= Total number of individuals divided by Number of segments Total number of segments is 31

There are 7 points on a circle how many line segments can be drawn joining the points?

Use the formula n(n-1)/2 --> 7(7-1)/2 = 7(6)/2 = 42/2 = 21.

How do you find the number of rays given the number of point?

The answer depends on whether any of the points are collinear: that is, whether they lie on the same line. No matter how many points you have, if they are all collinear you will have only one ray.If you have N points, the maximum number of rays is attained when no three of them are collinear. This number is N*(N-1)/2.

How many line segments does a N have?


How many triangles in 11-30 sided polygons?

Number of triangles in a polygon is determined by (n-2) = number of triangles, whereas n is the number of sides of the polygon

What is the 100TH term in the pattern with the formula n plus 7?

Can not be determined without the starting number in the series or n sub1

Why is 23 a odd number?

Because it isn't divisible by 2. Or..Because it's not even. An even number has 2 as one of it's factors (same as divisible by 2), or you could say that an even number can be determined by 2*n, where n is a positive integer, while an odd number can be determined by 2*n - 1, where in is a positive integer. Even (2*n) ---> 2,4,6,8,10,12,.....

How many planes are determined by 8 noncoplanar points?

A cube has 8 non-coplanar points at the vertices and has 6 faces. This is only a partial answer...3 points determine a plane so there will be many more than 6. Your answer is going to be found by the formula n!/(n-r)! where n=8 and r=3. That gives: 40320/120 = 336

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What is the number of segments determined by n points is?

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