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A conditional statement is true if, and only if, its contrapositive is true.

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Q: What also is true if a conditional statement is true A its contrapositive B its converse C its inverse D none of these?
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What is the converse of the inverse of the conditional of the contrapositive?

The converse of an inverse is the contrapositive, which is logically equivalent to the original conditional.

State the converse the contrapositive and the inverse what conditional statement If the television is on you will not do homework?


Is The inverse is the negation of the converse?

No, the inverse is not the negation of the converse. Actually, that is contrapositive you are referring to. The inverse is the negation of the conditional statement. For instance:P → Q~P → ~Q where ~ is the negation symbol of the sentence symbols.

What is converse inverse and contrapositive?

if the statement is : if p then q converse: if q then p inverse: if not p then not q contrapositive: if not q then not

What Statements that have the same truth value?

conditional and contrapositive + converse and inverse

What is the inverse of the contrapositive of the converse?

This would be logically equivalent to the conditional you started with.

Statements that always have the same truth-value are what?

conditional and contrapositive + converse and inverse

Statements that always have the same truth value are?

conditional and contrapositive + converse and inverse

What statements that always have the same-truth value?

conditional and contrapositive + converse and inverse

Inverse Converse contrapositive?


The converse and inverse of a conditional statement are logically equivalent?

This is not always true.

What is a contra positive statement?

Conditional statements are also called "if-then" statements.One example: "If it snows, then they cancel school."The converse of that statement is "If they cancel school, then it snows."The inverse of that statement is "If it does not snow, then they do not cancel school.The contrapositive combines the two: "If they do not cancel school, then it does not snow."In mathematics:Statement: If p, then q.Converse: If q, then p.Inverse: If not p, then not q.Contrapositive: If not q, then not p.If the statement is true, then the contrapositive is also logically true. If the converse is true, then the inverse is also logically true.

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