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some examples of a parabola are: bridges, McDonald's arches, skateboard ramps, satellite dish, smiles ... and some more

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Q: What are some real life examples of parabolas hyperbolas and ellipses?
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How are circles ellipses hyperbolas and parabolas used in real life?

--actually they are used in real life. parabolas are seen in "parabolic microphones" or satellites. and there are others for both ellipses and hyperbolas.

What are real life examples of ellipses?

Planet's orbit :)

How are ellipses used in real life?

Parabolas are used in satalights and flash lights and archiceture and maths, whoever wrote eggs is very wrong parabolas ends never meet * * * * * All very true. The only problem is that a parabola is not an ellipse! One of the main uses for an ellipse is to describe planetary orbits.

How are parabolas used in real life?

Parabolas are used in real life in light reflectors on cars to create a concentrated beam of intense light. Braking distance and stopping distance are quadratic formulas so their graphs are parabolas. A ball in motion in space has a path of a parabola.

How conic section relate to your real life?

I need hardly explain where you encounter circles.Ellipses are encountered when you cut a cylindrical object (e.g., a sausage) at an angle. Parabolas are the approximate paths taken by objects thrown into the air (when air resistance is insignificant). Hyperbolas: I may be wrong, but it would seem that these are less common in real life. ALL of the conic sections can be seen when you shine a flashlight onto a level floor (or some other plane), since the light cone is, precisely, a cone.

Examples of evaporation on daily life?

examples of evaporation our daily life

What are the examples of anti-life acts?

what are the examples of anti-life issues

What are some real life examples of distillation?

real life examples of distillation is " making of perfume "

Show me a real life hyperbolas application?

The arc of a football when it is kicked is a hyperbola. The arch of a water spout from a hose. Some think the gateway arch is a hyperbola but it is a centenary arch which is close but just a little different.

What are some real life examples of a nonagon?

There are very few real life examples of nonagons. The only examples that I can think of are a few coins.

What are examples of polarity in everyday life?

Examples: batteries, magnets.

What are three examples three examples of science in your everyday life?

in everyday life we need pencil and ruler

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