What are the three rules of a polygon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the first rule of a polygon is that it must have straight lines to devolope its sides. the second rule of a polygon is that it must be enclosed with no openings. the last rule of a polygon is that it has to have at least three sides.

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Q: What are the three rules of a polygon?
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Does a polygon have three sides?

A polygon can have any number of sides above three. The name of a three-sided polygon is a triangle.

How is polygon drawn?

A polygon is simply a shape that follows certain rules.. if the rules are followed then it is then a Polygon Rules: 1. Must have sides that are not curved (cant be a circle) 2. must be closed off (all sides connected) 3. At least 3 sides

What is the regular polygon have three side?

A regular polygon with three sides - is an equilateral triangle.

Is a polygon a rhombus?

No but a rhombus is a polygon. A polygon can have three of more sides, and these can be of different lengths.

Is it possible to make a three-sided polygon that is not a triangle?

No. A three-sided polygon is, by definition, a triangle.

what is the name that have three-sided polygon?

The name of the angle which has three sided polygon called Triangle.

A polygon with 3 sides?

A polygon with three sides is a triangle, the prefix tri- meaning three.

Is a mail shape a polygon?

If it has three or more sides then it is a polygon

Why is every three sided polygon a triangle?

because there is no other polygon that has three sides excpt a triangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A polygon with three sides is called what?


Does a polygon have more than 4 sizes?

it can, or it can have three a polygon is a closed figure with at least three angles and three sides and no curves.

Is a polygon three dimensional?

it can be three dimensional. a polygon is three sided or more like a triangle. so to answer your question, yes.